Click below for VHC’s LIHTC fact sheets for each district. Economic impact information comes courtesy of the Economic Impact Calculators for Residential New Construction and Renovation developed by Housing Virginia and the Virginia Center for Housing Research using information from VHDA on Virginia’s LIHTC program between 1996 and 2014. These calculators can be found online in HV’s Sourcebook.

Senators Kaine and Warner – Statewide LIHTC Fact Sheet
Rep. Brat – LIHTC Fact Sheet- District 7
Rep. Connolly – LIHTC Fact Sheet- District 11
Rep. Forbes – LIHTC Fact Sheet- District 4
Rep. Goodlatte – LIHTC Fact Sheet- District 6
Rep. Griffith – LIHTC Fact Sheet- District 9
Rep. Hurt – LIHTC Fact Sheet- District 5
Rep. Beyer – LIHTC Fact Sheet- District 8
Rep. Rigell – LIHTC Fact Sheet- District 2
Rep. Scott – LIHTC Fact Sheet- District 3
Rep. Wittman – LIHTC Fact Sheet- District 1
Rep. Comstock – LIHTC Fact Sheet- District 10

The Affordable Rental Housing A.C.T.I.O.N. page is a great resource. Please visit their page and consider signing your organization on to their national campaign to protect the Housing Credit if you are not already signed up (you can check if you’ve already signed on here).

Affordable Rental Housing A.C.T.I.O.N. has also created State and District Fact Sheets on the impact of the Housing Credit. Click here for a Virginia State Fact Sheet.

2015 Federal Housing Day – In addition to our state housing day at the General Assembly, VHA conducts an annual federal housing day where we organize a group of advocates from around the state on a trip up to Washington DC to talk with the Virginia Congressional Delegation about our major federal policy priorities. Similar to state housing day, we develop a host of materials to share with staffers. This year we shared information on affordability, the newly funded National Housing Trust Fund, and the economic impact the LIHTC program has had in their districts. Click here for materials from 2015 Federal Housing Day. (link to subpage with materials below)

Summary of talking points/ Leave behinds – Our talking points cover the NHTF, the federal budget, the housing credit, housing finance reform, and fair housing issues. For more background on this issues read our full talking points.

National Housing Trust Fund A one-pager on the NHTF and what it means for VA. For the most up to date information on the NHTF, please visit NLIHC’s website.

Materials from past Federal Housing Days