Housing Trust Fund

2013 Economic Impact Study of the Virginia Housing Trust Fund – This study of the first round of VHTF projects in 2013 from the Center for Housing Research at Virginia Tech found that the initial $8 million investment created more than $106 million in regional economic growth.

Below you will find resources to advance your knowledge of the Virginia Housing Trust Fund, a major continuing campaign of VHA aimed at securing a dedicated revenue source for the VHTF.

  • Background– Learn more about the steps Virginia’s General Assembly originally took to secure HTF funds.
  • History– Learn more about VHTF legislative and funding history.
  • Why VHTF– The HTF has a great impact on communities and individuals around Virginia, learn more about why these funds are important.
  • Legislative updates– Click here to review current and previous Virginia General Assembly Updates to the VHTF.
  • Resource Archive – Attached are a host of fact sheets, presentations, and other information about VHTF how it’s used in Virginia and its impacts.