Stakeholder Forum 2: Frequent Users of Justice, Homelessness, and Crisis Health Systems

Supportive housing is a proven solution to some of the communities’ toughest challenges. It combines deeply affordable housing with robust and comprehensive services that help people who face the most complex challenges live with stability, autonomy and dignity. In Virginia, there is an estimated need for over 21,000 supportive housing opportunities to meet the needs of extremely low income Virginians experiencing or at risk of homelessness and institutionalization, living with disabilities and complex health conditions, and those involved in the justice, behavioral health, homelessness, child welfare, and aging and disability systems of care. Due to a history of racist policies and discrimination, these groups are disproportionately people of color and for those who wear more than one of these identities, the effects on their individual wellness and stability are compounding.

Join the Virginia Housing Alliance and CSH for a virtual policy forum comprising four interactive webinars to discuss the statewide need for supportive housing and provide input on how Virginia can advance solutions to meet this need.

Who should attend?

Everyone is welcome who has an interest in creating a Virginia that effectively serves people in
need of supportive housing, including:

  •  Justice sector partners
  • Child Welfare agencies and service providers
  • Housing developers and owners
  • Homeless system planners and service providers
  • Health partners, including behavioral health and substance use service providers,
    hospitals, and Managed Care Organizations
  • Aging partners, including Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) and local Departments of Aging
  •  Local and state advocacy partners
  • Individuals and families with lived experience in navigating housing and services through
    various systems

Feeling like you would like to brush up on the basics of supportive housing? Visit CSH’s Supportive Housing 101 landing page for an overview.

Forum 2: Frequent Users of Justice, Homelessness, and Crisis Health Systems

Every year, thousands of Virginians cycle through living in jails, on the streets, in homeless shelters, emergency rooms and other crisis and acute care settings. This is incredibly costly to Virginia communities, and more importantly, prevents people from living with the stability and dignity a safe home and community supports provides. This forum will include a discussion of the unique needs of this group, current challenges in serving this population, and potential solutions that could be implemented in Virginia.


Aug 19 2021


1:30 pm - 3:00 pm