Events Calendar

The Virginia Housing Alliance hosts three major events per year. These events provide opportunities for housing and homeless-services professionals and advocates to come together in celebration and discussion of important housing and homeless services work throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

September 19-20, 2023

The Housing Credit Conference provides networking and educational opportunities for tax professionals, developers, community development organizations, housing authorities, and other interested professionals in the emerging and established industry trends and best practices for leveraging low income housing tax credits (LIHTC).

September 20, 2023

This workshop will explore the requirements and incentives for supportive housing in Virginia’s LIHTC program. Hear from state leadership about the intent and current status of these programs, learn from those implementing them in the field today, and offer your experiences and lessons learned from serving supportive housing populations. Together, we’ll create ways forward to expand access to crucial affordable housing and service opportunities for marginalized Virginians. This workshop is only for attendees of either HVMV or HCC.

September 21-22, 2023
This professional development opportunity explores emerging standards and best practices focused on interventions and services for the most vulnerable homeless populations. 
July 21, 2023

The Annual Awards Program celebrates the accomplishments of our friends and colleagues and inspires action.