Virginia Zoning Atlas Unveiled to Illuminate Land Use Policies

Housing Forward Virginia (HFV) has unveiled their Virginia Zoning Atlas interactive map, offering deep insights into the intricacies of land use policies in the Hampton Roads region. Spanning four months, this project involved an exhaustive analysis of 19 local zoning ordinances, with a staggering 5,523 pages of zoning regulations scrutinized. Among their findings, they report that a mere 3% of the available land allows for mixed-use developments, while 69% of the region is exclusively zoned for single-family homes. Amidst rising housing costs, these findings underscore the demand for more diverse housing options in Hampton Roads. HFV plans to expand the atlas to include other regions, with further developments in Northern Virginia, Richmond, and Petersburg. This tool promises to empower communities to navigate zoning policies and shape the future of housing and development in Virginia.

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